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Trust. Transform. Triumph.

Angelica Hernandez – Life Coach • Educator • Speaker

Angelica Hernandez has a way with words. Looking at her vibrant, energetic and optimistic spirit, you would never know that she had walked through darkness and been face to face with evil and cruelty.  She shares her story with tenderness and wit. She leaves the audience feeling empowered and aware.

Angelica talks about the daily confrontations with her past as she walks through this life with grace and dignity… learn more.

  • You changed the lives of every person in the room tonight, including mine. You are both talented and inspirational. The horrible experiences that you endured (to no fault of your own), made you one of the most amazing individuals that I have ever met. I look forward to future collaborations.Dr. Susan M. Larsen
  • Thank you so much for sharing your experiences and viewpoints with our class! I really appreciated your openness and positivity. You are such a strong, inspiring individual! You were very animated and entertaining-I really enjoyed your sense of humor despite it being such a grim topic. As a Latina as well, I find what you’ve accomplished incredibly awesome/inspiring. I’d love to see what else you do with Theory of Hope!Jasmin Sanchez